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Short Culture Cuts #8: The summer hit as the new frontier of the short film

Once, films used to last an hour and a half, now on average they seem to be 2 hours and 40 m,inutes long; once, pop hits could last up to 6 minutes, now if they are 3 minutes long it’s surprising. Films today have become very long feature films and songs have become shorts.

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Short Culture - Milan Summer Tour

Dal 21 giugno: corti in giardino, corti al bar e corti nell'orto!

Aspettando la terza edizione, una serie di appuntamenti estivi a Milano per rendere omaggio alla cultura del corto. Serate a tema con proiezioni di cortometraggi da tutto il mondo, playlist sempre diverse con il best of delle passate edizioni di MAX3MIN: un viaggio nel cinema breve e un elogio alla brevità.

Short Culture Cuts #7: I want a festival of short films consisting only of Tik Tok recipes

Instagram now is TikTok. Everything is a reel, a live, a funny video (but funny for who, for what?). It’s all these very invasive tunes, it’s all horrendous colours, horrendous graphics. I repeat: it’s all TikTok. But, as TikTok, it is also an extraordinary festival of short films.

Call for entries is over!

The submissions for MAX3MIN 2023 - International Short Film Competition, NEXT GEN and Blackball professional section - are now closed.

Short Culture Cuts #6: Small overrated things among friends

And if the collections of essays so much in fashion now were nothing but small involuntary seasons of short films?

Last month to submit

Extended deadline

International Competition & NEXT GEN

15th May 2023

Short Culture Cuts #5: The eXistenTial and summarized art of David Cronenberg

It was a very long job - of production, of reservation, of reinterpretation - to arrive at the (very) short film which, in three minutes, explains everything to us.

There is still time to submit your films!

Late deadline

International Competition & NEXT GEN

15th April 2023

The third edition comes with a three-days in Milan in the closing weekend of the event

Very Short Film Festival
3rd edition | 11th – 17th September 2023
Online and in Milan for three days open to the whole city

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Short Culture Cuts #4: Short art-house films have become very long

And if now that everything is short, or very short (we’re always saying that on these pages), short films had suddenly become long? I’m saying short art-house films, the ones that are worth as much as feature films to all effects – I’m saying this so that we understand one another; I know that shorts are films to all effects.

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